Brand New Students: Intro Special $20 for two weeks unlimited classes or $20 for 3 classes –Expires 90 days from time of purchase

Class Pricing:
Drop in Class $16
Online drop in $10  (class passes also accepted)
Discount Drop in Class $ 12

Discounted rate:
– Full time students
– Medical Residents and Fellows
– Military and Veterans
– Seniors > 65
– Yoga teachers (actively teaching)
– Students with an unlimited pass at another area yoga studio

Class Passes

3 class pass $45 – Expires 6 months from date of purchase
3 class discount $33 – Expires 6 months from date of purchase
5 class pass $45 – Full length online classes
10 class pack $135 – Expires 12 months from date of purchase
10 class pack discount $100 – Expires 12 months from date of purchase
Unlimited $100 / 30 days – Expires 30 days from time of purchase
Unlimited discount $90 /30 days – Expires 30 days from time of purchase

*Anyone who cannot afford to pay the full rate and you don’t fall into these categories or anyone who qualifies for discounted rate but is still unable to afford classes: please email the studio and we will work with you to make sure yoga is affordable for you.

Online Option:
Many classes are now available live on Zoom in addition to being able to take class in person. Online drop in classes will be $10;  class passes accepted. If you have an unlimited pass that will also give you access to the online classes.
Masks and Social Distancing:  (Update as of 9/20/21)

Worcester has instituted an indoor mask mandate for all businesses that goes into effect 9/20/21. All students will again be required to wear a mask in the studio even if they are fully vaccinated.

Additionally, in order to ensure everyone adequate personal space, all classes will be strictly limited to 14 students. Please continue to be mindful of canceling any reservation that you cannot make. Please also be mindful of giving your fellow yogis their 6 feet of space in class. Our teachers can help guide you on how to set up your mats when classes are busier.

Thank you so much for your understanding and continued support.

At this time you are again welcome to borrow studio props.  All used props will be quarantined for at least 48 hours in between students.  Please place any used props in the back closet.
Class size, reservations, new cancellation policy:
Class size will be limited to be able to maintain social distancing of 6 feet between mats.  While sign up will not be mandatory, you are strongly encouraged to pre-register and your spot cannot be guaranteed if you have not signed up.  If classes are full and you have made a reservation but do not show up or cancel at least 1 hour prior to class (so that someone else can take your place_ you will be charged for the class.  Sorry and thanks for your understanding.
We have a three student minimum to run classes.  Unfortunately, some classes may be canceled due to this policy.  We still will not strictly require people to pre-register, however, a class may not run if enough people have not signed up.  For evening classes we will have a cut off time of 2 pm to decide whether or not to hold the class.  For morning classes, we will have a cut off of 10 PM the night prior to decide whether or not to hold the class.  Kindly register or cancel prior to these cut off times.  Class passes will be debited if the class is going to run based on  your signing up, or if class is full; and you do not shop up or cancel your reservation prior to the above cut off time.
For online classes – Please give at least a 15 minute window prior to online class start time to register. The teacher has to know who’s coming to be able to admit the student to the class. If you are ever in a situation where you’re trying to get into an online class and having an issue please call the studio phone 774-502-5525.


Basic Hygiene:

Hand hygiene will be required to enter the studio with either hand sanitizer or hand washing in the bathroom. Hand sanitizer will be readily available.Please do not come to class if you are ill or if someone in your household is ill. Please do not come to class if you are coughing /sneezing for any reason.


Each class on the schedule will be designated with what the temperature will be:

No Heat 70-75 Degrees
Very Mild Heat 75-80 Degrees
Mild Heat 80-85 Degrees

What to Wear and What to Bring
Wear any comfortable clothing.  Bring water (preferably in a reusable bottle) and a yoga mat.  For classes with heat we recommend to bring a towel (any beach towel or yoga towel will do).  We do have water for sale.
Policy For Children And Teenagers

At this time we do not have any dedicated classes for children or families although this is something that we would like to offer in the future. Teenagers 16 and over can come unaccompanied if their parent has signed the initial participation waiver for them.

Children 15 and under are allowed on a case by case basis, and must be accompanied by an adult who takes the class with them. It is very important that we preserve the still moments of the practice and that all are practicing of their own volition – we strongly prefer that children are brought to practice yoga only if they express desire to come. Please reach out to us if you have specific questions about your child. Thank you for your understanding.