Sara-Grace Reynolds

Sara-Grace Reynolds is the founder of Third Eye Yoga Collective. She is a passionate student and teacher of yoga. Her goal in creating a teachers’ collective is to share the beauty of yoga across many disciplines while keeping yoga affordable and accessible to all students. She has been teaching movement since 2006, initially Pilates, and then yoga since 2009. She is a 500 hour certified yoga teacher via the yoga alliance and has traveled to India twice to study yoga and meditation. She has taught many different styles of yoga including hatha, ashtanga vinyasa, vinyasa flow, and restorative. Sara-Grace believes that asana practice is a tiny fraction of what is yoga, and helps to guide her students towards the higher levels of yoga including pranayama and meditation, which are always incorporated into her classes. She believes in kindness and non violence in all things and her teaching style reflects this.

Sara-Grace is also a physician who recently finished her residency training in internal medicine. She also completed a year of postgraduate training in physical medicine and rehabilitation. She enjoys working with students with all levels of physical ability.

Om Shanti.

Theresa Murphy

Theresa Murphy is certified Yoga Therapist (IAYT), an E-RYT500, Registered Yoga School at both 200 & 300 levels with Yoga Alliance, a Senior Prajna Teacher under Tias Little, and an endorsed Insight Yoga Teacher under Sarah Powers, as well as a mentor in the Insight Yoga Institute. Theresa has been teaching Yoga since 1998, having started her practice in 1989. She embraces a full-spectrum practice that offers strong as well as soft, and movement as well as stillness in all her classes. Her approach is multi-disciplinary and she cross-pollinates from many traditions.

After four years of caring for her dying mother, the practice of care and compassion penetrate her teachings bringing forth a practice that is potent with love, strong with presence, and generates the connections inward imperative for a sincere yogin. In addition to her offerings at PPY, Theresa teaches nationally at various cities around the country, including festivals and conferences.

Presently she is immersed in a Somatic Movement Educator training with the School of Body-Mind Centering and will become a Somatic Movement Educator sometime in 2021–fingers crossed! You can find out more about her and her offerings by visiting

Meng Le

Meng first started practicing yoga thanks to a recommendation from her primary care doctor for insomnia and anxiety while in high school. Her first experience was a Yoga for Beginners VHS tape by Patricia Walden and many years later, the first yoga studio class she took was a gentle restorative class. Yoga started as a way to achieve a restful night of sleep and has grown into a lifelong quest for knowledge of the heart, body and mind.

After years of practice and completing a 200HR YTT with Theresa Murphy, she now teaches at many local studios in the Worcester and metrowest area as well as at WPI and Clark. She teaches various styles including hatha, vinyasa, gentle, restorative and yin. Meng has studied under all the teachers at Third Eye Yoga Collective, Tias Little, and has also completed a restorative yoga training with Judith Lasater. She likes to seek out new styles and teachers but her main inspiration is Theresa Murphy.

Her classes aim to leave the student with calmness and ease. She is passionate about cultivating curiosity, self-reflection, and practicing with an open heart. The practice of yoga is here to help each person in realizing the wholeness and love that they’re capable of embodying.

Jacki Libby

Jacki first came to yoga looking for a safe place, quickly realizing that there is no safer place than coming back home to herself.

Jacki received her 200 hour certification in Worcester in 2016. Even as a teacher, Jacki is always a student, influenced by all styles of yoga, all the teachers at Third Eye Collective, along with Jacqui Bonwell, Alexandria Crow and Heather Castagnaro. She is also a student of Ayurveda, a complimentary practice to the art of yoga.

Jacki teaches the way she practices – slow, methodical and intentional with a focus on the power of choice and trusting yourself. She believes in paying more attention to what the practice feels like, rather than what it looks like – that yoga is a feeling, not a shape.

An enthusiast for the outdoors, nature is her biggest inspiration. Off the mat, Jacki loves to be outside – hiking, gardening and biking. She works at the Worcester Art Museum and is surrounded by inspiring people, cultures, communities, and art daily.

Cate D’Angelo

Cate is a firm believer in the ideology that “movement is medicine”. She has taught yoga for the past year in the city of Toronto where she began her teaching journey, and is thrilled to be returning to her home city of Worcester to share the practices that have healed and transformed her life in the place she grew up.
Her classes are rooted in breath, inspired by yoga and informed by her love of creative movement and music. Looking forward to moving with you!

Christine Harrelson

Christine has been working with the human body since 2001, first as a competitive gymnastics coach and then as a yoga instructor. She found yoga in 2004 because she heard it could help with depression and mental well-being. It helped her bring herself to a state of well-being – and it stuck! Her experience with high-level gymnastics led her to focus on preventing injury in bodies that were put through 20+ hours of rigorous physical training a week. She has brought that into her yoga teachings, using her knowledge of biomechanics (how the body moves) and anatomy to guide students to have their own experience based on their unique physical and mental needs.
Christine completed her 200 RYT with Dr. Paul Girard, and her 300 RYT and Yin Yoga training with Theresa Murphy. She is also a certified Level 3 Thai Bodyworker. She enjoys bringing yoga to her students with a light-hearted attitude and just enough structure to create a safe space for all.

Neil Taylor

Neil Taylor is an experienced yoga teacher, musician and a life long committed student of both disciplines. Neil is fascinated by the potential we uncover through intentional placement, steady breathing and the development of awareness and emphasizes these tools in his teaching to help students empower themselves to heal and live well both on and off the mat.

Neil has trained extensively with Master Baptiste teachers Gregor Singleton, Claire Este-McDonald, and Coeli Marsh and has also had the opportunity to be mentored closely by Masaaki Okamura. Neil has also served as a classroom assistant to Natasha Rizopolous, and has deepened his understanding of the craft through his apprenticing with Chiropractor and Yogi Dr. Tom Alden. Neil is an active member of the Boston chapter of the Teacher’s Study Project and in his steady commitment to teaching has completed additional trainings with David Nichtern (meditation), Theresa Murphy (yoga and anatomy), and Johnny Gillespie (Balanced Athlete). Neil has also completed a 500 hour training with Theresa Murphy.

Today Neil continues to mentor closely with Tom. Off the mat he enjoys being outside, seeking creative expression through music and time with family and friends.

Jennie Backstrom

Jennie has been practicing yoga since childhood, when her father taught her her first sun salutation. Since then, she has studied multiple styles of yoga which she incorporates into her weekly classes and workshops. She is also a singer, holistic wellness coach and entrepreneur.

Through yoga and meditation instruction, and education on natural living through the use of essential oils, Jennie’s mission is that of love and service. She has a passion to help others think outside the box and live their lives as the truest version of themselves.

Helping you feel safe, confident, and strong from within is foremost on Jennie’s mind when devising her classes and workshops. With her athletic, unique, playful and safe sequencing, you will feel at ease and renewed after emerging from Jennie’s class where she serenades you during the final resting pose with her angelic mantras and chants.

Cindy Boulter, BSc, ERYT 500, ACE. SUP Yoga, Yoga Therapeutics

Cindy is committed to helping teachers, students and private clients expand their possibilities through education, movement and self-exploration.  She has a deep curiosity about the function of the human body and how it is a barometer for what is going on in the more subtle realms of the mind and the emotions. She has over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry as an instructor and international presenter, and over 16 years’ experience teaching yoga and training yoga teachers. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences, has studied extensively with numerous teachers and programs, including Baron Baptiste, Rolf Gates, Shiva Rae, Ana Forrest, Tom Myers, Bo Forbes, and Theresa Murphy. After studying meditation with Sarah Powers in Thailand and attending silent retreats, she realized her need for a daily meditation practice and how it is essential for her to calm the crazy and create more peace in her life. She has studied Yoga Therapeutics with Dr. Bo Forbes, and she is currently completing the three year IAYT certified Yoga Therapist Program with Susi Hately and she is studying with Amy Mathews to become a Licensed Somatic Educator with the School of Mind Body Centering.

Cindy’s seminars and workshops have been presented throughout Canada, the US and Japan. She has assisted and taught classes at Kripalu for Bo’s sessions on Yoga for Anxiety and Depression, and has taught 6 years of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Her classes are mindful explorations of movement and stillness infused with a sense of humor.  Visit for more information

Lilly Sarmiento Caruso

Lilly discovered yoga 20 years ago when she was searching for an antidote to reduce stress and manage her chronic back pain.  She quickly realized that the healing benefits of yoga reached far beyond the physical and fell in love with the practice as she started to experience unexpected shifts.  Her work in human services became more manageable and her pain gradually subsided. Finding yoga transformed Lilly’s life and beliefs in many positive ways. 

In 2004, Lilly completed her 200HR YTT and has since continued to study and train extensively with various yoga and meditation teachers, including Rolf Gates, Shiva Rea, Shawn Corne, Johnny Gillespie, Josh Summers, David Nichtern and many other local and internationally recognized teachers. 

Taking a special interest in maintaining back health, she has completed several programs focusing on principles of alignment, biomachanics as well as yoga for relieving back and hip pain. Lilly has worked closely with physical therapists to bring components of PT to her own practice and teaching style.  Most recently, she completed her 300HR Advanced YTT through Metrowest Yoga. 

Lilly’s classes develop organically, depending on the students’ needs. With careful attention to alignment, breath, present moment awareness and core integration, Lilly guides her students to move from their center to find the essential balance between strength and mobility.  Her classes are an invitation to play and create space for self-reflection. Sharing the gift of yoga has become one of her greatest joys and passions.

Heather Castagnaro, 500 RYT, 200 E-RYT

Heather has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. She has attended and received her 200 and 500 hour certifications in Prana Flow through Shiva Rea’s Samudra School, led by Shiva’s Senior teacher, Coral Brown. As a dedicated student of yoga, and her love of being outdoors, Heather draws inspiration in her own practice and teaching from nature and its many forms. She wholeheartedly believes that yoga is about community and offers space for students to experience their practice in a dynamic yet supportive environment where compassion and acceptance are encouraged.

Monica Kacprzyk

Monica’s intention for teaching is to light the spark inside of each student, igniting an inner fire that is capable of removing seemingly impossible obstacles and revealing one’s truest self.

Whether it’s yoga or meditation, these ancient practices have the power to clear the mist of uncertainty and provide more clarity, transforming one’s life from the inside out. Monica offers the guidance, space, and accountability to get students moving towards a place of deeper peace and awareness within themselves. Come to her class to center the mind, build heat in the body, and nourish the spirit.

When she’s not on the mat or at the studio, Monica seeks every opportunity to laugh, play in the kitchen, move her body in new ways, and explore mother earth.

Monica is a 200-HR RYT, SPA Yoga® certified, Reiki Level II, and she trained with Judith Lasater in her Relax and Renew® restorative yoga training.