Offered with Mild Heat 80-85 Degrees
Offered with No Heat 70-75 Degrees

Mindful flow with linked breath and movement. Best suited for students with some yoga experience.


Offered with Mild Heat 80-85 Degrees
Offered with No Heat 70-75 Degrees

Vinyasa yoga moving at a slower pace.   Suitable for all levels.

HATHA YOGA (no heat)

No Heat 70-75 Degrees 

Beginner friendly class with more instruction on the postures. No flow but focus remains on the breath. Suitable for all levels.

RESTORATIVE / YIN YOGA (very mild heat)

Very Mild Heat 75-80 Degrees 

A deeply relaxing practice for all levels.


No Heat | 30 Minutes

Sit with yourself for a while. Breathwork and meditation. Free if taking in addition to class. $5 suggested donation if coming just for this class.


Offered with Mild Heat 80-85 Degrees

Offered with No Heat 70-75 Degrees

A slower paced flow followed by restorative postures and an extra long shivasana.  Suitable for all levels.

GO DEEPER (no heat)

Offered with No Heat 70-75 Degrees

A mixed vinyase/hatha style class for more experienced students.  Class will work on a specific theme.  (eg. backbends, inversions, wall work, etc.) and use props to enhance the experience of the postures.  Rotating teacher.  Theme posted on the website in advance.

YINYASA (mild heat)

Offered with Mild Heat 80-85 Degrees

The word Vinyasa means to place or arrange. Yin is the quality of slow, cool, and calm. The playful and poetic swapping of "Yin" for "Vin" implies that the nature of these Vinyasa classes are slow and purposeful. The asana work is deliberate, methodical and slowly builds into a peak pose or to open a specific body part. There is good focus on healthy alignment while weaving in the wisdom of the yoga philosophy, also keeping it light and playful all while working hard. A perfect Hatha Yoga experience, light and intense, effort and yield, soft and hard, yin and yang, work and play!  Appropriate for more experienced students.


Offered with mild heat (80 - 85 degrees)
A mix of hatha and vinyasa styles.  Appropriate for all levels.  Essential oils will be used during class to enhance the experience.

VINYASA: CORE and RESTORE  (very mild heat)

Offered with very mild heat 75-80 degrees

A vinyasa based class focused on core strengthening followed by restorative postures.